Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Needing Nita" (To Serve and Protect #3.5) by Norah Wilson

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Attorney Nita Reynolds is hot for Det. Craig Walker, but he's given up asking her out. She doesn't date cops...until a doctor's call makes her re-examine her priorities. Believing she has a brain tumor like the one that killed her father, she vows to make love to Craig Walker while she still has her full faculties. By the time the doctor realizes he's mixed up the scans, she's in way too deep.


Rating: 5 out of 5

Genre: Short Story, Erotica

I am currently in the middle of a horror and wanted to switch things up. This story sounded interesting so I tried it on for size. It fit like a glove. Even though it is a short story it is well written. I did not realize it was part of an ongoing series. I am glad it is. I just may read the others to eat up time or break up the monotony of my horror/splatterpunk desires.

The base story is a typical man likes woman and woman likes man but they playfully pick on each other. Some bad news is reported to the woman and she decides to go all out and give in to her desires. Later, she finds out the bad news was a mistake. Oh no! Now she has this escapade she experienced to deal with. How will it end? Read it.

The sex scenes were pleasantly described so one could perfectly picture them in the mind.

Very nice and easy read. I recommend it for a quickie…no pun intended.

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