Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Deviant Muse Library: Shhh!...and Welcome.

Welcome to my library. Here you will find reviews of books I have read. There will be many I dislike and others that I absolutely love.

I spend much of my time on Good Reads dot com, Amazon dot com and Barnes and Noble dot com. I compare hundreds of reviews before deciding on a new book to read. I feel it is necessary to see the positive, negative and even indifferent reviews of the book I may purchase. I never only look at the positive. That is the first and one of the biggest mistakes a reader can do, in my opinion.

I must tell you that I am a picky reader. I have a tendency to become bored very easily. An author that can hold my attention throughout their book is a superb author in my eyes. Let me add that just because an author did not hold my interest with their story does not necessarily mean it is a bad book or that they were a bad author. It just means that I was not interested in or held captive by their story. As I have mentioned, I am very particular!

Feel free to comment or add your own input to my reviews.

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