Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"The House" by Edward Lee

Synopsis - (from

THE PIG: The traditional tale of a man with big city dreams and how one wrong deal can put you in the woods filming porn with junkie whores, sexual freaks, psycho mobsters and, oh yeah...a pig.

THE HOUSE: Melvin has come to investigate the so-called haunted house. Soon his dreams smash head first into the memories of a man sentenced to film the most atrocious sex acts imaginable.


Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Splatterpunk, Horror

This book has two stories, "The Pig" and "The House". The first story begins in 1977 and the second continues the first but many years later. With that, I will review them separately.

"The Pig" was pretty much disgusting and not for any animal-lover. It is a definite never-read for animal lovers! If you can take a lot of animal cruelty and beastiality, then give "The Pig" a read. It is not only about that, but does have a considerable amount of rape and other grotesque acts incorporated into this story about a man who simply wants to make movies.

I must admit, this is my first Edward Lee read and so far I am impressed. Although, "The Pig" ended too abruptly for my liking. Hence, minus one star.

"The House" is a continuation of "The Pig". This story held my interest for the duration. I could not put the book down for anything. I sat and read it in one sitting, which is rare for me. The is no beastiality in this story, but there are many crude sexual acts that can be considered disturbing. Again, a man who simply wants to do his job, as a journalist this time, is put into a tight situation in the same house that "The Pig" was setup in. All the previous stories intertwine into this amusing yet stomach churning tale of ghostly sickness.

I recommend this book to those who can stomach and/or enjoy the disturbing and grotesque.

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